Costs of buying your home

Application/Arrangement Fees

Many mortgage lenders will charge you an application or arrangement fee.

Solicitors Fees

As well as paying a solicitor or licensed conveyancer for the work he or she does, you’ll have to pay the cost of land registry charges and local search fees. If your lender has their own solicitor acting for them, you may have to pay their fees as well.

Stamp Duty

This is a tax paid by you when you buy a property worth £250,000 or more. The amount you pay will depend on the value of the property you’re buying.

For more information please visit Beginner’s Guide to Tax.

Valuation and Survey Fees

You may need to pay for a valuation or survey. The amount you pay will depend on the type of valuation or survey you choose. See “Glossary” for more information on types of survey.

Mortgage Advice Fees

Some advisers may charge a fee for the advice they give you. Your adviser will give you a combined Initial Disclosure Document (IDD) which will explain any fees they may charge. In some instances an adviser fee may be charged even if your mortgage doesn’t go ahead.